A Message from the President
Who is SidDesign?

I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when I was a year old. Cerebral palsy affects my muscle coordination, particularly with my arms, legs, and speech. Because of my disability I use my feet and toes to control the computer with an over sized keyboard and trackball. I get around in a motorized wheelchair that I also control with my foot. But these hindrances do not hold me back from translating my goals and dreams into reality.

My early education came from The Henry Viscardi School, a specialized school for students with disabilities. The school allowed for faculty, staff and students to be like one big family in support of one another. Apart from the regular school program, this is where I was introduced to the world of technology including web design.

At my 8th grade graduation ceremony there was an inspirational speech that helped me become who I am today. The keynote speaker advice was “Do not worry about the little things you cannot do, but concentrate on the things you can do, and make it your best.” Regardless of my disability, those twenty-three words guided me all the way through high school and into Queensborough Community College in New York City, where I received my Associates Degree in New Media and Technology. In the years at Queensborough Community College I successfully completed computer programming languages mainly for web development. This included PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At Queens College in New York City, I am now completing my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design.

The idea of SidDesign came from a very great friend Frederic Farcy, who opened the door to my future. He encouraged me to start what would become SidDesign. SidDesign was founded in 2002. However, I did not immediately pursue avenues for attracting clients. Despite my academic achievements I was held back by the false belief that because of my physical challenges, potential clients would not be able to look past my physical disabilities, and give me the opportunity to work with them to develop websites, designs and provide related services. Thankfully, as I began to create websites (initially for family & friends), my confidence in my abilities grew as the concerns over how others would perceive me dissipated. Along with my new found confidence came the ambition to fully pursue what had previously been just a dream to me. SidDesign.

I have since worked on fifteen websites, five recently completed. In addition to the artistic and technological integration of websites, I have also completed the artistic designs for four book covers. .